Slim fit orthoses for the ankle joint

New products: MalleoLoc L and MalleoLoc L3

As of now, two new orthoses, MalleoLoc L and MalleoLoc L3, will complement the treatment range for functional instability of the ankle. They provide lateral stabilization, based on an anatomically shaped L shell with securing straps. Thanks to their slim fit, they can be worn in sports and even business shoes. During everyday movements, the orthoses help to prevent spraining by counteracting excessive supination and a talar shift.

A small plantar pad can be attached to the MalleoLoc L in order to stimulate the dorsiflexor muscles, and to actively stabilize the ankle. The MalleoLoc L3 combines the L shell and straps with an additional compression support. Its elements can be removed gradually. For multi-stage treatment and patients with chronic conditions, it offers several stabilization options: fully assembled, the shell, straps and support protect the ankle from excessive strain. Initially, the shell can be removed, then the securing straps until the support stabilizes the ankle solely based on its proprioceptive effect. Its compression knit massages the soft tissue during movement. This helps to activate the muscles and to reduce swelling. The support is equipped with a long zip between the medial malleolus and the Achilles tendon for easier donning.

The new MalleoLoc L is available in a storage-friendly universal size for the right and the left foot, and the new MalleoLoc L3 is available in six sizes based on the ankle measurement for the integrated compression support.

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