The new 2-in-1 orthosis for osteoarthritis of the knee

SecuTec OA knee orthosis

Bauerfeind will be showcasing its new, slim orthosis for patients with moderate to advanced osteoarthritis of the knee and misalignments for the first time at OTWorld 2018 in Leipzig. The SecuTec OA makes varus and valgus alignment possible with one product. It relieves the lateral or medial painful area of the knee according to the three-point principle. This is done by gently applying pressure to the lower leg while maintaining a constant distance between the orthosis hinges.

Stay active for longer without pain

Thanks to its anatomically contoured hard-frame design, the SecuTec OA can be adjusted precisely to fit the patient’s leg, even taking misalignments into account. An adaptive calf shell with a self-regulating inclination angle and anatomically contoured gel condylar pads ensure that the patient is comfortable when moving. The condylar pad on the side that needs correcting is ventrally thickened and can also be precisely adjusted with insertable wedges. This allows the contact surface at the side of the knee to be ideally extended for power transmission. The side cushion features a recess for the head of the fibula. This prevents an uncomfortable feeling of pressure. The precise fit ensures effective relief and comfort, which helps the patient to keep moving for longer with less pain.

The SecuTec OA provides added stability for the knee joint according to the four-point principle: The upper and lower leg frames also work with the straps to counteract anterior and posterior instability. The upper and lower leg frames can be combined in different sizes. This allows the medical aid to be individually adjusted to the patient’s leg circumference.

The new SecuTec OA will be available from May 2018. The new consultation folder contains more detailed information about the variety of products offered by Bauerfeind to treat osteoarthritis of the knee. Along with the new knee orthosis, it also presents further Bauerfeind products for patients with mild to advanced osteoarthritis of the knee.

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